Warm Front

October 6, 2011 – Day 28 – 19 miles

I hear it snowed the other day in the North Carolina town where I attended college. Oddly enough we’ve been experiencing clear days with highs in the low 80’s on the Minnesota/Wisconsin border.  I guess all that southern wind is bringing the warm weather along with it too.  A lady standing on the shore asked why I was paddling upstream.  No ma’am, that’s just the wind pushing the surface water hard enough to overcome the current.

I refuse to let the wind spoil my fun, so in the heat of the day I pulled over on a sunny island.  I am in no means going for a speed record, and have plenty of time to get to New Orleans.  I spent hours here and was reminded why it is that I am on this journey.  I swam, sunbathed, drank tea, and read 1984 for hours in my hammock beneath two shady trees.  I laughed at myself for all the frustration I’ve been feeling about the headwinds.  I’m going to stop trying to fight the forces of nature, and allow them to help direct me.

“I don’t interfere with nature; I just watch it.” – Eric of the River

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