The Mississippi River Diet

October 4, 2011 – Day 26 – 21 miles

As I pulled into Wabasha I was greeted by a woman who wanted to know if I camped on Lake Peppin last night.  As it turns out she had visited her chiropractor and he told her about a paddler who camped on his beach last night.  It surely is a small world.  I am flattered, but it’s odd that news can travel faster than I can even though I spend all day paddling.

I was curious and kept track of my fuel intake for the day.  I consumed around 6800 calories today.

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One Response to The Mississippi River Diet

  1. tony says:

    So…..where are you, Ryan?
    It’s been many days since you last posted an entry.
    Have you called it “done” for the year?

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