Need for Speed

October 8, 2011 – Day 30 – 0 miles

It took all the strength and nerve I could muster to cross the wind-ravaged river to reach the sandy shore I had been eyeing since yesterday morning.  The wind is too fierce to consider gaining ground today, but I was eager enough to make it to a new camp with better terrain.  The reward was well worth the risk as I enjoyed this sunny October day hammocking, reading, and intermittently cooling off in the river.  When the sun was at it’s highest an airboat pulled up to the shore.  I was definitely intruiged as this is the first time I had ever seen one in person.  Tim and Carrie were enjoying one of the last warm Saturdays of the year on the river, and I’m glad that I got the chance to meet them.  Noting my interest in the airboat, they offered to take me for a ride through the backwaters and wetlands.  The ride was exhilarating beyond measure as it provided an extreme change of pace from my usual days on the water.

The unseasonably warm weather does not signal that we’re already in the month of October.  That only adds to the fact that I have yet to hear the roar of a football stadium or taste a pumpkin-spice inspired recipe.  I look forward to enjoying these things in the future, and know that this absence will only increase my appreciation for them.

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    Need for speed

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