Lake Peppin

October 3, 2011 – Day 25 – 26 miles

Passing barges is quite common place now.  Thankfully, these ships are slow enough , and the river wide enough that I never have a problem seeing them and getting out of their way.  The Army Corps of Engineers dug a nine-foot channel in the river that is well marked with color coded buoys.  I stay out of this channel whenever possible, but use it to navigate down the river.  At the beginning of Lake Peppin the channel markers followed the shore of a circular body of water.  I figured I could save time by taking a more direct route to the outlet that led me straight through the center of this open body of water.  I hit a sandbar midway across and got to experience standing in ankle deep water a mile from the closest shore.

As the sun set I entered the largest part of Lake Peppin and couldn’t find a good place too camp for the night.  Right as darkness approached a nice couple suggested that I camp on their beach for the night as the rest of the shore was steep and rocky.  Thanks to the kindness of Leroy and Pat I have a flat sandy spot in which to lay my head for the night.  The universe provides!

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