October 2, 2011 – Day 24 – 21.5 miles

Morning on the eastern side of an island is just too nice to leave in a hurry.  As the sun rose I drank three cups of tea and watched the barges pass.  By mid-morning I was on the water and hoping to make it to Hastings to find more food.  A mile from a lock I could see a barge a ways behind me.  This motivated me to paddle harder as I did not want to wait for the barge to go through the lock.  I raced, and beat the barge too the lock only to find another one right infront of me.  I looked for a portage but everything was fenced off and I couldn’t find a way around.  Slow down Ryan.

In Hastings I found a grocery store, and even better, a used bookstore that was open on Sunday.  It was the most marvelous of bookstores – dark, quiet, and overflowing with books.  From stacks on the floor to shelves nine feet high, books were everywhere.  Perhaps even more impressive was the fact that I named three titles and the owner found all of them within three minutes. 

Moreso than deep water, barges, snakes, barges, or freezing tempertures I have found the most dangerous part of my trip: recreational boaters who feel the need to try to impress others with speed.

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2 Responses to Wisconsin!

  1. Don Emerson says:

    Good luck Ryan, and be careful. We’ve been following your blog and even bought a map to track your progress. Len, Cori and Greg are also following you and also a few classes at the school where Cori teaches.

    Take care,

    Uncle Don and Aunt Madeline

  2. Tara Marie says:

    Hey I met you one afternoon when I was with my sister at the little pub in South St. Paul, MN. We were the girls taking shots and bugging you when you were trying to enjoy your lunch lol sorry btw. But I just wanted to say Good Luck! It was nice to meet you. You inspired me to do something spontanious actually.. A few days later I randomly bought tickets to chicago and left for a mini vaca ALL by myself!! I learned that doing things on your own really isn’t so bad. So I hope everything is going good for you and your not getting to lonely out there! Take care and be careful!

    Tara Grist:)

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