One Mile at a Time

September 30, 2011 – Day 22 – 8.5 miles

I awoke early and parted ways with my host to explore more of this grand city.  I spent hours aimlessly walking Minneapolis and taking in all that it had to show me.  Much like my time on the canoe, walking gives me a chance to travel slowly and be more connected to my surroundings.  It wasn’t until late afternoon that I finally started paddling again.  This made for a short day on the river where I enjoyed the still natural areas inbetween the Twin Cities.

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One Response to One Mile at a Time

  1. tony says:

    You have just learned a lesson.
    May hay while the sun shines. (paddle when you have the opprotunity, rest when you cannot paddle). You are running pretty late in the year for lolli-gagging on this trip. (If you want to finish before the water temperature drops so low that hypothermia is an issue.) Giddy-up, man!

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