Stocking Up

September 21, 2011 – Day 13 – 31 miles

I spoiled myself rotten today.  This morning I walked into the town of Palisade hoping to find a grocery store.  It turns out that what used to be a grocery store now stands abandoned, “on account of the economy”, as I was told by a local who must listen to a lot of Bruce Springsteen.  To satisfy my need for calories I decided to treat myself to a breakfast at Kelly’s Kitchen, which is one of the two restaurants in town.  Feeling like I needed a taste of home of this cold and rainy morning I ordered the Mountain Man Omelet.  A mass of eggs, three meats, five vegetables, and gravy, with a side of hashbrowns and pancakes.  Words cannot explain the greatness of this meal, but if they could they would be interjections typed in all caps.

Camp tonight was in a populated place as well, and even though I rolled in after dark I walked four miles round trip for a vanilla ice cream cone.  So spoiled.

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