Reloaded and Ready

September 24, 2011 – Day 16 – 17 miles

Wow.  What a day to choose to sleep at the public boat landing.  Not only is it the weekend (who knew?), but today is the first day of duck hunting season.  At 4:45 am the first of around a dozen boats were loaded up and put into the water not 20 feet from where I choose to sleep.  Folks were perplexed by my presence and I even had my picture taken with some of the hunters (while I was still in the hammock).  This made for an early morning on the river surrounded by a dense fog – part moisture, part gunpowder smoke.

I made my way to Gander Mountain with lots of daylight to spare.  When I arrived I was cordially greeted by the managers and shown around the store.  As I was told, Gander Mountain replenished all of my gear, and gave me more and better stuff that I originally had.  I can definitely see how these items will make my trip more comfortable.  Once I get to use the gear for a week or two I intend to write up some reviews, and just a general packing list for those that are interested.  I couldn’t be more thankful to Gander Mountain for their generous actions, and am so relived to feel like I have everything I need to complete this journey.

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