I’m on a Rollercoaster

September 23, 2011 – Day 15 – 39.5 miles

Great news and amazing timing from the team a Gander Mountain.  This Minneapolis based company caught wind of my trip and wanted to do their part in helping me along my way.  After learning that my belongings were stolen the folks at Gander Mountain have decided to replenish everything that was taken.  After this news and the events of yesterday I am on an emotional roller coaster.  There is a Gander Mountain two days downstream from where my belongings were taken.  So, armed with an old military style sleeping bag that a nice couple gave me, and a determination to reach Baxter, Minnesota, I am on my way.

I paddled right up until dark and since I didn’t want to spend the last few minutes of evening light looking for my campsite I decided to stay at the public water access (which is much easier to find in the dark).  I still have my hammock, as it was on my when my stuff was stolen. It’s a clear night, wonderful for star-gazing from a hammock, and encouraging that the night will pass without rain.

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