Float Backwards

September 17, 2011 – Day 9 – 24.5 miles

I’d like to think that I have good enough gear and the mental fortitude to get through most things that the weather could throw at me.  I’ve fared well in respect to the rain and the cold, but no amount of mental toughness or piece of equipment can battle the strength of the wind.

Headwinds were so strong today that in the time it took for me to take a picture or grab some food I would get pushed backwards 20-30 yards.  Twice today I made a stroke error in a crosswind and got spun around as if I were a floating compass placed upon a magnet.

As I lie here in my sleeping my windburned face and overexerted muscled beg for sleep.  Not much is more satisfying than a good day’s work.

“A certain amount of opposition is of great help to a man.  Kites rise against, not with, the wind.” – Lewis Mumford

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