Swamp Thing

September 10, 2011 – Day 2 – 12 miles

It’s important to know that the beginning of the river is narrow, slow, and winds through an enormous wetland.  Solid ground is a true rarity out here.  Tall grasses grow seven feet high on both sides of the river, and long dark-green flora fill the riverbed.  Sometimes the algae/grass/devil’s snare in the river is so thick that it can slow you to a stop.  Paddling through this stuff is like trying to rollerblade on shag carpet — for miles.

An open grassland like this offers no reprieve from the hot sun.  I’m still riding the high of beginning such a grand adventure and have crossed paths with dozens of turtles, snakes, frogs, and birds.  Because of the spacing of the camp sites I have stopped with hours of daylight left and have spent my hours stretching, reading, eating, and hiding from the sun under a much appreciated picnic table.


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