Losing/Gaining a Traveling Partner

September 13, 2011 – Day 5 – 18.5 miles

I’ve learned that the canoe I have started this journey with, and subsequently grown an attachment to will not be able to complete the journey with me.  It’s wonderful in everyway, but I need something lighter for all the portaging I will be doing from here to the Twin Cities.  Thanks to Craigslist I was able to trade my canoe for another within a few hours, and after stocking up on food supplies I was finally able to begin paddling shortly after 1 pm.

Things went pretty smoothly after the canoe exchange.  I did my first portage and felt like I was moving fast.  I made it to a Department of Natural Resources campsite at 5:30 pm.  However, deciding that 5:30 was too early to end my day (especially with such good weather), I paddled on.  Darkness approached and I was still a ways from my destination for the night.  A kind man named Mark who was enjoying the last evening hour on his dock invited me to stay on his property for the night.  If it weren’t for the kindness of this stranger, I might still be lost in the dark on Lake Andrusia right now.  Mark and I shared adventure stories over a huge meal, and he sent me off the next morning with a big American-style breakfast.  Thanks so much Mark!  I hope at the very least I could make for a good story to tell your friends.

“Strangers are friends you have yet to meet.”

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2 Responses to Losing/Gaining a Traveling Partner

  1. jon says:

    I was trying to figure out where Amborsia was then it dawned on me Andrusia……. yes being on a unfamiliar lake at night would not be fun especially in a canoe! I dont know you or Mark but thanks Mark that could have been bad!

  2. Mark A Smythe says:

    I enjoyed the company & shared meals & stories. I was a little nervous watching Ryan paddle off that morning knowing he needed to cross both Cass Lake & Winnie. This trip would not be for the faint of heart. Keep up the good work.

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