Tomorrow I’ll be leaving via Greyhound for Minnesota.  Here’s my route (transfers at the markers):

Pretty efficient, but due to long layovers my total time of travel will be right at 42 hours.

Once in Minnesota I’ll be getting picked up by a nice retired school superintendent, Jeff. We’ve been in contact for a little over a week, as I have arranged to purchase a canoe of his once I reach Minnesota. Jeff has also been so gracious as to take me to the headwaters of the river, which is half an hour northwest of his home.  I hope to be on the water by mid-afternoon on Friday.  I might not get to a computer until I hit the Twin Cities (500 miles downstream), but I’ll make sure to post an update when possible.

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2 Responses to Northward

  1. Lane says:

    Good luck dude…sounds like a crazy awesome time!

  2. Kelly Graber says:

    I didn’t see you pass by camp ripley lol I hope all is going well!
    Minnesota (the girl from the bus)

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